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Slated Roof North London


Longevity and value The quality of Welsh slate roofing is such that even after 100 years of use at least 50% of Welsh slate is typically re-used. There are buildings around the world which have Welsh slate roofing tiles which are several hundred years old. There is no other roofing material which has demonstrated this extraordinary durability. The result of this longevity is that Welsh slate is a very cost effective roofing material as it is less costly to maintain and has a lower frequency of re-roofing. In addition a second hand Welsh slate has a typical value of 60% of a new slate.

New Flat Roof


3 Layer High Performance System installed What is the best new flat roof ? I have been fitting new flat roofs, or having contractors fit my flat roofs now for over 20 years. I’ve seen nearly every type of flat roof in the flesh, from installation until its beyond repair. If you’re looking for some advice, free of sales patter, on which is the best flat roof you have just found it..