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Welsh Slate Roof North London


As produces only natural products from the finest raw material each slate has its own unique visual characteristics. Heather Blue and Heather Red slate often feature naturally occurring markings which are usually green. The quality of allows roofing slate to be produced to 48" (1.2m) or larger. Practical Welsh slate is exceptionally durable. It is unaffected by normal extremes of temperature and is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals. It retains its colour, even in UV light and is impermeable to water. Welsh slate is non combustable and is compatible with all other building materials. Aesthetic Welsh slate combines beautifully with traditional and modern materials and provides the designer with a choice of colours and a natural, distinctive, texture. A Welsh slate roof adds character and quality to any building. Proven Longevity Welsh slate has hundreds of years of history and has proven to be the highest quality roofing material in the world. Welsh slate can provide numerous case studies and 100 year guarantees are available.

Slated Roof North London


Longevity and value The quality of Welsh slate roofing is such that even after 100 years of use at least 50% of Welsh slate is typically re-used. There are buildings around the world which have Welsh slate roofing tiles which are several hundred years old. There is no other roofing material which has demonstrated this extraordinary durability. The result of this longevity is that Welsh slate is a very cost effective roofing material as it is less costly to maintain and has a lower frequency of re-roofing. In addition a second hand Welsh slate has a typical value of 60% of a new slate.

Lead and Slate Roof


A very hard roof to better, lead roofs have been around for hundreds of years with very little need for change. If laid correctly and the correct Code ( thickness ) it is not uncommon for a lead roof to see 50 – 100 years without replacement. A new lead roof finished with Patination oil is a timeless classic.

New Flat Roof


3 Layer High Performance System installed What is the best new flat roof ? I have been fitting new flat roofs, or having contractors fit my flat roofs now for over 20 years. I’ve seen nearly every type of flat roof in the flesh, from installation until its beyond repair. If you’re looking for some advice, free of sales patter, on which is the best flat roof you have just found it..

Flat Roof in North London


We pride ourselves on the quality of our finished product and we aim to ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied throughout the installation process from quotation to completion. Whether it’s a leaking flat roof, total replacement or simply some advice on which roof or guttering system to use, we are here to help. We offer free impartial advice. Our pricing policy is extremely competitive and we will provide you with a free no obligation quote. All our flat roofers quotations are fixed. There will be no hidden extras, so costs will not alter. There are many flat roofing companies out there, with so much choice it’s important to have confidence in the people that are carrying out the work. This is why we greatly welcome questions and comments from those who may be considering our roofing services. We have many references that can be provided, and we also enjoy showing customers the work that we have completed. Creating a new roof on an existing house involves: Putting up scaffolding to eaves level Removing old tiles including ridge tiles and hip tiles along with mortar from ridges / verges. Dispose of or sell any tiles that can be reclaimed (unless you intend to reuse on new roof) Removing old wooden battens and disposing of in skip (if untreated timber then it can also be used as kindling wood for a wood burning stove) Remove any lead from valleys (there is scrap value in old lead) Removing old roof felt  or torching and dispose of in skip Checking wooden rafters and joists are sound. Replace any that are rotten. Remove /hammer down all protruding nails Add new breathable membrane Add new pressure [...]